Roadblock for Mac

What is a content blocker?

A content blocker lets you control what web content should and shouldn't load, what is visible on webpages, and who can track you.

Why should I use a content blocker?

A content blocker can help you focus on the content that you care about, protect your privacy and security, improve webpage load time, and reduce Internet data usage.

What version of macOS does Roadblock require?

Roadblock works on macOS Mojave (10.14.6) or above.

Does Roadblock support Apple Silicon?

Yes. Roadblock works natively on Apple Silicon and intel-based Macs.

Does Roadblock know what is being blocked when I browse the web?

No. Roadblock uses features and technologies in Safari that protect your privacy.

Is Roadblock's in-app purchase a one-time purchase or a subscription?

Roadblock's in-app purchase is a one-time purchase. It is not a subscription so you are charged only once.

Why are the first few images on Google not blocked even though the "Block Images" setting is enabled?

The first few images are not considered images so they bypass the "Block Images" setting. To resolve this issue, you can use a "Hide Content" custom rule. Enter "google" in the "URL Filter" field and "img" in the "Selector" field.

Why is the Safari Toolbar extension not available in version 2?

The features offered by the Toolbar extension in version 1 will be added to version 2 in the future. The features will work across platforms.

I use the visual tool regularly and it is not available in version 2?

The visual tool will be added to version 2 in one of the future releases.