Roadblock for iPad

What is a content blocker?

A content blocker lets you control what web content should and shouldn't load, what is visible on webpages, and who can track you.

Why should I use a content blocker?

A content blocker can help you focus on the content that you care about, protect your privacy and security, improve webpage load time, and reduce Internet data usage.

What version of iOS does Roadblock require?

Roadblock works on iOS 12.4 and above.

Why is Roadblock’s switch in "Settings > Safari > Content Blockers" dimmed and I can’t enable Roadblock?

If you can’t enable Roadblock then you have web content restrictions in "Content & Privacy Restrictions" in "Screen Time". Go to "Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Content Restrictions > Web Content" and change the setting temporarily to "Unrestricted Access". Now go to "Safari > Content Blockers" and enable Roadblock.

I get an alert saying that Roadblock's blocker extension is disabled but it's enabled in "Settings > Safari > Content Blockers"?

Turn off Roadblock's switch in "Settings > Safari > Content Blockers" then turn it back on.

Does Roadblock know what is being blocked when I browse the web?

No. Roadblock uses features and technologies in Safari that protect your privacy.

Is Roadblock's in-app purchase a one-time purchase or a subscription?

Roadblock's in-app purchase is a one-time purchase. It is not a subscription so you are charged only once.

I purchased Roadblock for iPhone and iPad so can I use the "Restore Purchase" feature on my Mac to unlock all features?

No. Roadblock's app for iPhone and iPad is different from the app for Mac. The in-app purchases are two different purchases.

Why are the first few images on Google not blocked even though the "Block Images" setting is enabled?

The first few images are not considered images so they bypass the "Block Images" setting. To resolve this issue, you can use a "Hide Content" custom rule. Enter "google" in the "URL Filter" field and "img" in the "Selector" field.

I'm noticing significant memory usage and battery drain when watching videos on YouTube. Is it because I'm using a content blocker?

No. The new YouTube redesign started causing issues in Safari even if you don't have a content blocker. We are working on reporting this issue to Apple so it will hopefully be fixed as soon as possible.

I tried adding a custom rule but when I enable it, I keep getting the "Reloading Failed" message. How can I fix this issue?

The "Reloading Failed" message is shown when there is an error reloading the content blocker in Safari. It is sometimes caused by a malformed rule. In rare occasions, Safari’s services that reload blockers crash and cause this issue. Try Disabling the custom rule and then add another simple custom rule and enable it. If you are still getting the "Reloading Failed" message then it is a Safari service crash. Reboot the device and the everything will work as expected.

I allowed the web extension but it is still showing the same welcome message when I open it in Safari?

The message that is displayed when you open the extension in Safari will remain the same whether you allowed the web extension on the listed websites or not.