A Powerful Content Blocker
for Safari
Control Your Web Browsing Experience
Roadblock blocks unwanted web content, protects your privacy and security, improves webpage load time, and reduces browsing data usage.
Content Blocking
Roadblock includes comprehensive and optimized rules for blocking and hiding unwanted web content. You can easily enable the built-in rules to block different types of ads, pop-ups, trackers, social widgets, privacy notices, images, videos, scripts, and more.
Custom Rules
Custom Rules provide a powerful way to add, manage, and share your own rules. You can add custom rules to block or allow websites or web resources, hide webpage elements, strip cookies from web requests, and force the loading of websites or web resources over a secure connection (https).
Blocker Profiles
Blocker Profiles provide a simple way to add and manage multiple profiles with different settings. You can activate profiles on demand, use different settings on different devices, share profiles with family and friends, and do so much more.
Safari Toolbar Extension
Roadblock's app and its Safari toolbar extension work together to provide a unique experience. You can use the extension to block and hide content visually, change the active profile, turn blocking on or off, add custom rules, and view the count of blocked web resources.
Block and Hide Content Visually
Roadblock makes it easy to block and hide content visually. In visual mode, Roadblock highlights webpage elements when you hover over them and adds custom rules automatically to block or hide the elements you select. You can view and manage all custom rules created by Roadblock.
Safari Blocker Extension
Roadblock's blocker extension takes full advantage of the latest features and technologies in Safari. The extension doesn't have access to your browsing activities and can't send any information about what was blocked back to the app. Content is blocked with minimal overhead and high performance.
iCloud Sync
Roadblock uses the latest features and technologies in iCloud to keep profiles and settings up-to-date across all your devices (Mac, iPhone, and iPad). You can enable iCloud Sync to access your profiles and settings from any device.
Available Everywhere
Roadblock is also available for iPhone and iPad. Profiles and settings sync seamlessly across all devices.